Immigration/Representation Festival (last publication)

Performance at Tempelworks Leeds

Performance at Tempelworks Leeds

Exploring contemporary representations of immigration in francophone cinema and the world beyond…

An initiative started at the University of Leeds by postgraduate and undergraduate students of French, Cultural and Communication studies, Immigration //Representation seeks to explore and challenge current perceptions of immigration  in French, British and Global contexts.
Fantastic Audience participation

Fantastic Audience participation

Throughout the first three weeks of March, a program of feature-length film screenings, workshops and site-specific short-film installations was held in and around Leeds University Campus.  The themes of Arrivals, Adaptation and Return was the starting points for an exploration into contrasting experiences and perceptions of immigration in contemporary contexts.

The event ended on the 30th March 2014 with many artists performing and showcasing their talents throughout the evening.
SONGO DRUMMING PROJECT as usual was the highlight of the night with his energetic and eye catching performance with a fantastic audience participation.
We Hope this initiative will inspire more people who want to achieve more fairness and equality in our community.
Together we're stronger just as SONGO drummers

Together we’re stronger just as our drummers

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