Who We Are!

Drummers & Dancers

The line-up of drummers is ever changing and all the drummers are experienced on a variety of equipment providing the ‘Lead’ or ‘Accompaniment’.

Current regular performers include:


  • Raph:  director of singing, djembe, dundun, congas (Cameroon)
  • Diego: director of music, lead djembe, balafon (Mexico)
  • Nassoro: director of dance, balafon, djembe (Tanzania)
  • George: dancing and photography (Cameroon)
  • Roman: djembe and dundun (Cameroon)
  • David: djembe and dunduns (UK)
  • Lynne: djembe and dundun (UK)
  • Sue: djembe (UK)
  • Demetri: ballet style dundun and djembe (Greece)
  • Briyma: dancing, djembe and gongoma (Gambia)
  • Charlie: congas and djembe (Halton Moor)

Regular guest performers include:

  • Modu from Gambia
  • Tongesai from Zimbabwe
  • Shuppo from Nigeria
  • Lamin Jasse from Senegambia
  • Kofi from Jamaica
  • Rezzah from Iran
  • Anselm from Central African Republic


Calling upon various cultural experience, the dancing team form an dynamic element to every performance and could range from solo lead, group dancing and sometimes exposure to more obscure ‘Mask Dance’ tradition from deep in the forests which is rarely seen outside the African continent.

dancing on stilts

Part of the Masked Stilt Dance