The Immigration//Représentation Festival

The Immigration//Représentation Festival final event on the 30th of March was fantastic and Songo played for what seemed like ages encouraged by the brilliant dancing audience. Their energy was endless but we had to stop eventually!Temple 01

The event brought awareness of immigration issues to light and especially the cultural benefits gained and the the struggle that many people face for freedom of thought, life, health and opportunity to contribute to their surrounding communities.

At the Templeworks buildings in Leeds, STAR hosted the exciting program of original installations, live performances and interactive workshops, all to celebrate the endless ways that you could (RE)present yourself on your own terms.

This was an event organised by Georgina Buchanan and his friends from STAR project which stands for Student Action for Refugees from Leeds University.

Temple 02

What went on?

and much much more!

Temple 03

It really was a stunning venue with great hospitality and lots of space to play and network. Temple Works, Marshall Street, Holbeck, Leeds LS11 9YJ on Sunday 30th March 2014.

The aim of this event was to encourage people to escape stereotypes and explore the different and exciting ways that we can all represent ourselves no matter where we’re from

To find out more about Immigration Représentation Festival 2014? Head to their website.

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